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Oracle WebCenter Implementation, Support and Training

ECM Solutions helps organizations effectively deploy WebCenter Content  - through creative configuration and customization. Example results yield:

  • Migrated 38 unique web sites/sections (10,710 pages in total) in just over 5 days. Original estimate was 3 to 6 months per site. Read more...
  • Implemented Oracle WebCenter Imaging solution to decrease overtime by 50% and increase productivity with a Document Control department. Read more...
  • Developed a fully automated real-time Synchronization for a City Council Agenda Management system. Project completed in 3 months, with 1 software developer and no additional hardware or software investments Read more...

"Awe Your Business Users" with Dynamic User Interfaces

ECM Solutions develops intuitive User Interfaces (UIs), no-manual-required, that instantaneously multiply User's productivity while decreasing response times

Dynamic Content Server Web Interface
How would you like to give your existing applications a 'face lift', so that they...
  • Fit more on the screen - without feeling crowded
  • Eliminate waiting - Users can continue working, while tasks are completed in the background
  • Users focus on the task at hand - instead being distracted (and frustrated) by the slow loading 'traditional' web interface screens

These awesome UIs reside on top of your existing backend and middleware infrastructure - to strategically maximize your existing hardware and software investments.

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The Oracle UCM Handbook - The fastest way to start with Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), also known as The WebCenter Content Bible

By Dmitri Khanine,
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